large moth
June 6, 2010
This insect was clinging to a woody stem that I clipped. There is a lot of leaf litter and mulch in this area, and the camouflage is very good. This was on 6/4/10 about mid-day. The insect never attempted to fly away, and it looks as though part of the cocoon is still on it’s head. It was about 2 inches long, though I did not measure it. I plant lots of natives in my yard and often find interesting insects.
Denver, CO

Achemon Sphinx

Hi Jeanette,
According to BugGuide, the larvae of the Achemon Sphinx feed on grape, Virginia creeper and other vines.  Adults will be attracted to flowers with nectar like honeysuckle and nicotiana.

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Asilidae help
June 6, 2010
hello Bugman this is my first time doing this so bear with me. I am a 24year old aspiring entomologist from portage county (NE) Ohio. Besides the average ‘prairies and meadows bordered by woodlands’ can you reveal more information on where to find Promachus robberflies in this area? Your information will be greatly appreciated.
sincerely, Ben
hope this helps,
portage county ohio

Giant Robber Fly eats Buckeye Butterfly

Dear Ben,
This sure is a spectacular photo of a Giant Robberfly in the genus Promachus feeding on a Buckeye Butterfly.  Since we do not collect insects, we cannot offer much advice on where to hunt, and the information you provided on prairies and meadows is already indicated on BugGuide.  Perhaps one of our more knowledgeable readers will provide a comment on your posting.

beetle with stainedglass wings
June 6, 2010
Hi, We found this beetle hanging out on our newly built workshop. He was on the underside of the eaves. Very elegant wing patterns. Thanks for any clues on what this might be.
Chelsea, IA


Hi Alan,
This is not a beetle, but a Stonefly, a member of the order Plecoptera.  They are generally found near sources of water.

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Nursery Web Spider?
June 7, 2010
We found this, the largest spider I’ve ever seen, in the basement garbage can. We took the 2 photos (attached) then released her outside and took the third. She was over an inch long (plus legs).
Dawn L.
Hampton Bays, NY

Nursery Web Spider

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for sending us your awesome photo of a female Nursery Web Spider, Pisaurina mira, and also thank you for your sensitivity to creatures that many people find frightening.

Strange bug found off shore of creek.
June 6, 2010
Hi, I found a strange bug today (6/6/10) while fishing and I was wondering if you could help me idetify it. I turned over a rock that was about ten to fifteen feet from a creek and I saw this thing curled up in a little hole in the mud. It was on land not in the water. It almost looked like it had hatched there and grew because there was no real entry or exit from its location. There was a pretty tight seal because of the flatness of the rock. Also it wasnt moving almost like it was hibernating there. I scooped it up in a cup and it kicked around a little but all in all not real movement. It has big legs in the front but a long body so Im not sure how it would move. It has some pretty serious pincers on its mouth. It bit pretty hard onto a stick. I have no idea what t his thing is and neither does anyone I show it too. Any info would help. Thanks
Matthew R. Boyer
Southeastern Pennsylvania


Hi Matthew,
Hellgrammite identification requests like yours have been pouring into our offices from around the country, as are images of the adult Dobsonflies the Hellgrammites will eventually metamorphose into.

Mysterious larvae?
June 6, 2010
Found this creature near my house and wondering what it could be? Notice the wings and pinchers on the head.
Jeremy D.
Allegan, MI

Dobsonfly Pupa

Hi Jeremy,
We just posted a letter and commented on the great number of requests we have received in the last week and a half to identify Dobsonflies and their larvae, called Hellgrammites.  You have submitted a photo of the pupa of a Dobsonfly, and judging by the mandibles, it is a male.