Black butterfly with red spots on the bottom of its wings
May 2, 2010
I need to know what this butter fly is, i need the common name, the species, and the genus. it is for a project
thank you, kimmy
in monrovia canyon park in california

Montezuma's Cattleheart sighted in California!!!

Dear Kimmy,
This is quite an unusual sighting since this is not a native butterfly.  Our first thought was that this must be an escapee from a butterfly pavilion, but upon searching through the Mariposa Mexicanas website, we believe we identified your specimen as a Montezuma’s Cattleheart, Parides montezuma.  Since it is native to Mexico, it is entirely possibly that it has strayed to California under its own power, or possibly it may have been accidentally imported on a plant or other item that entered the country and bypassed customs.  We are tagging your letter as an Invasive Exotic, though it is possible that the butterfly is naturally increasing its range.

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Our house is infested (atleast 200)with this Black/red/yellow beetle type bug, Please tell us what it is!
May 2, 2010
Our house is infested (atleast 200)with this Black/red/yellow beetle type bug, Please tell us what it is!
• Your letter to the bugman    As of today, we went outside and found about 200 of these bugs in one small area in our yard. The have a beetle type body that is yellow with a black cross on them and a bright red head. They move very fast and dont die easily. I live in Phoenix and we have never seen them before. They are about 1 inch long, but some a little bigger or smaller. We have a baby almost here and I want to make sure they are not poisonous. I appreciate your help!
Thank for your help! Nicole
Phoenix Arizona

Iron Cross Blister Beetle

Hi Nicole,
Your letter is at least the third we have gotten in the past week requesting an identification for an Iron Cross Blister Beetle, though you letter is the only one that has indicated a high population density.

Concrete bugs? Termites
May 1, 2010
Concrete bugs? Termites
• Your letter to the bugman    I recently noticed a big spot of bugs congregating on my concrete steps. I thought they may be termites, but do not see any wings. Also saw a collection of them all over a piece of lava rock.
South Florida


Hi Derek,
There are harmless immature Barklice in the genus Cerastipsocus, also called Tree Cattle.  Their presence on the concrete is a mystery.  They are generally found on trees where they eat lichen.  You may compare them to images on BugGuide as well as read more detailed information on the University of Florida Horticulture website where they are identified as Archipsocus nomas.  When they are adults, they will have grown wings which hide the bold striped pattern of the nymphs.

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Winged ant?
May 1, 2010
I have seen this insect many times in Texas. The wings are oriented in a peculiar way on the thorax. They fan out rather than lay flat on the back. What is this insect and does it sting? Perhaps it is a fly?

Picture Winged Fly

Hi Taylor,
You have submitted an image of a Picture Winged Fly, Delphinia picta.  According to BugGuide it:  “Breeds in decaying organic matter, such as compost.

Thank you for the speedy response! You have a wonderful website!

Identified-beautiful white and black moth
May 1, 2010
I submited this photo yesterday, but was able to futher research it myself. I discovered that it is (I believe) a Salt Marsh Moth. I am delighted to finally know what this beauty is called. However, I still prefer the name given to it by my daughter: The Dalmation Moth. Best Wishes,
Cassie Shaw
Cleveland, Mississippi

Salt Marsh Moth

Hi Cassie,
WE agree that you have correctly identified this Tiger Moth as a Salt Marsh Moth, Estigmene acrea, a species well represented on BugGuide.

Is this a type of Giant Twig Wilter bug?
May 1, 2010
I found this really weird looking bug on the beach today, it looked like it was African or something, not belonging originally from the USA….so I found your website and I saw a photo of a Giant Twig Wilter bug and it seems similar to that bug…can you please help me I am so curious to see what bug this is and where it possibly came form and originated. Thanks!
Robert Moses State Park Beach – Long Island, NY USA

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Hi Camille,
You have astute powers of observation.  This Western Conifer Seed Bug is a Leaf Footed Bug or Big Legged Bug in the family Coreidae, the same family as the Giant Twig Wilter.