Louse Fly found on Head

Subject:  Bug found in hair
Geographic location of the bug:  My head
August 28, 2017 4:02 AM
Hi, I found this single bug in my hair. It is about 2mm in size, and was a honey brown color. My husband checked my head pretty thoroughly and doesn’t see anything else. It doesn’t look exactly like a louse but I can’t tell what else it might be. Help!
How you want your letter signed:  Scared

Louse Fly

Dear Scared,
Knowing the geographic location of your head at the time this sighting was made would be very helpful.  We don’t know if you found this Louse Fly in Lithuania, in Oman or in New York.  Louse Flies are blood-suckers that generally feed on livestock like sheep, or on large mammals like deer, but they are opportunistic and they will bite and feed off humans if other prey is not available.  The good news is that they will most likely not reproduce and infest your head, wherever it is located. 

Hi Daniel – sorry about that. I am in Connecticut. So are you saying it’s a louse fly and not headlice?

That is exactly correct.  Louse Flies often lose their wings when they find prey.

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