Louse Fly in England

Subject: Brown bug
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
May 25, 2017 5:44 am
Hi wondering if u could tell me what type of bug this is as I keep getting them in my bathroom
Thanks Angela Williams
Signature: Angela Williams

Louse Fly

Dear Angela,
This is a blood-sucking Louse Fly, and depending upon the species, they normally prey upon deer, livestock especially sheep, or nesting birds like pigeons.  If you live near woodlands with deer or farms with sheep, you might not be able to control their presence.  If pigeons were nesting in your eaves, and the yong have flown, you might want to try removing old nests to see if that helps to control their presence in your home.  If Louse Flies cannot feed on their prey of choice, they might try taking human blood.

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