Louse Fly from Dubai

Subject: dark room bug
Location: Dubai
May 25, 2017 3:26 am
Dear Bugman,
Please help me identify this bug
I work in a dark laboratory and almost every week this bug attacks my face or hides on my head scarf (black).
I attached a picture of the bug
Signature: Shaima Askar

Louse Fly

Dear Shaima,
This sure looks to us like a Louse Fly, but finding it in a dark laboratory is a mystery.  Louse Flies are blood suckers that are often found near livestock, especially sheep.  Is there any livestock near your Dubai laboratory?  Some Louse Flies prey upon birds like nesting pigeons.  If the nestlings have flown, remaining Louse Flies might be bothering you for a meal.

Dear Mr.Daniel,
Thank you very much for the fast reply. You are 100% right ..the bug in the Picture looks exactly like the louse fly  ..I’m amaized how fast you recognized it . I think the reason behind the fly is probably in pigeons because the lab is on the top floor and near the door leading to the roof I’ll have to inform someone to check if there are any nest there or something.
Thank you again

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