Lobster Caterpillar from Japan

Subject: Don’t even know where to start
Location: Kanagawa Japan
September 21, 2016 7:50 pm
I’m posting for a friend of mine. He’s stationed in Japan, Kanagawa area. Found this on a hill, walking on road. Not even sure if it’s a bug. Tried centipedes but didn’t find anything, tried mantis but that didn’t look right either. Maybe a catapiller of some sort?
Signature: Theresa

Lobster Caterpillar
Lobster Caterpillar

Dear Theresa,
The Lobster Caterpillar,
Stauropus fagi, is such an unusual looking creature it is really understandable that you did not know where to begin researching its identity.  Lepi-PHotos has some nice images of the adult moth.  According to UK Moths:  “The larvae live on the leaves of beech (Fagus), oak (Quercus), and several other trees.”

Thank you!  It’s funny it’s called a lobster caterpillar, I kept trying to figure out if mantis shrimp could be on land, like a bird had dropped it.
Thank you so much!
Theresa McIntosh

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