Inchworm from Australia

Subject:  What is this caterpillar?
Geographic location of the bug:  Sydney, Australia
Date: 03/20/2021
Time: 02:49 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi
Found this little agile one eating my curry leaves. Want to know if it is a pest amd curious about it’s species. Thank you.
How you want your letter signed:  Curious gardener

Inchworm on Curry Plant

Dear Curious Gardener,
This is an Inchworm or Spanworm in the family Geometridae.  We believe it might be
Hyposidra talaca based on an image posted to the Butterfly House website.  Though curry is not listed as a food plant, the site indicates:  “It is polyphagous, eating the foliage of many plants including the crops.”

Thank you so much for the information.

2 thoughts on “Inchworm from Australia”

  1. I had stopped visiting your site during the hiatus, but just hit the button for it by mistake a minute ago. I’m more than delighted you’re back and want to take the occasion to thank you for your efforts over the years. As with so many of life’s good things, you don’t fully appreciate them until they’re gone and you appreciate ’em even more when they come back.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jim. Daniel cannot even begin to contemplate the backlog of identification requests and comments that arrived in the past year, and on slow days he can try to mine identification requests for gems, but for now, all Daniel can hope for is to move forward and to try to remain current and to try to concentrate on quality as opposed to the quantity of postings.


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