Flattie from Panama

Subject:  Id spider please
Geographic location of the bug:  Panama, western highlands 5400 ft
Date: 02/10/2020
Time: 11:26 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi – help id this spider who was staying still on the floor of my house in western panama highlands. About 2+ inches as in pic
How you want your letter signed:  Nancy S

Flattie, NOT Giant Crab Spider

Dear Nancy,
This is a harmless Giant Crab Spider in the family Sparassidae.  Here is an image from Flickr of a Giant Crab Spider from Panama.  We are uncertain of your species.  Giant Crab Spiders are nocturnal and they do not spin a web to snare prey.  They hunt.

Correction Courtesy of Cesar Crash: 
I think it’s a flattie, Selenops sp.

Ed. Note:  See images of a Flattie from Costa Rica on Quaoar Power Zoo.

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