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  1. I was in Lamar , Okla the first part of May and a very strange thing happened. Swarms of Australian green beeltes were everywhere. Even in the house. No one had ever seen them before . It was like they came from the earth and disappered two weeks later. This area is about 3 hours east of Moore Okla where they had a catagory 5 tornadoes. Is there any way, these beetles come from the earth prior to the tornadoes and then buried them selves again? All the old people in the little towns have never seen them before. Where did they come from? They were shiny and green with fuzzy legs. They actually had a sting to it. No one knows anything about them.. Can you help

    • Not the stag beetles I see around here. The ones we have have jaws that look like they can take a human finger off of their hand.

  2. no rush, just wondering if you will reply to my email once you identify my mystery bug or if I need to keep checking this website. I left a photo of a strange againts a ruler a week or so ago.

    • We can only respond to a few letters per day. Please resend the original request with the photo and all necessary information. Then put “second attempt” in the subject line.

  3. In my pasta, cereals, flour + a few other spots are very small critters that appear on my shelves also black about 1 mm etc. Look like a microscopic turtle without a shell. Of course we have cleaned, restored, thrown out sprayed and now have everything in jars or sealed containers. What are they? any suggestions? Many thanks Oh yes, we are in S.E. Florida but not rural.

    • Resending is recommended if you didn’t get a response. We are unable to respond to every request. Please put second attempt in the subject line.

  4. i’m from N. Florida, and I’ve been recently hearing buzzing noises, somewhat to what a fly sounds like in window blinds, coming in from my walls of one of the bedrooms. I have no ideas to what it is or what it may be. Is there a chance I may have some sort of bug crawling, and possibly mulitplying, in my walls. I’ve also been experiencing sudden knocks on my windows. The knocking is coming from moths outside, quite certain of that, but is it normal to have them hit your window as if they’re trying to break in? I don’t have any light sources on when it happens.

  5. Hi Eden,

    I’m no expert. Not even a decent amateur :). But I have had the same experiences here on the Space Coast. The buzzing: I heard that one night in a previous home, and after some investigating found out I had a huge yellow jacket nest in my wall. I recommend a professional if that is the case. (my father took care of mine, and having yellow jackets flying through my home is enough to give you PTSD).

    The knocking into windows: I found that annual cicadas were attracted to light in the house and didn’t realize there was a “window” in between them and the inside. They are strong and sound pretty loud knocking into windows and doors. They are great fliers but their vision is apparently poor from what I have read.

    Hope you find the source,


  6. I posted a picture of my mystery bug a few weeks ago and I was just wondering if you have found anything! because my assignment is due tomorrow and I would love to have the answer as to what bug it is,
    Thanks Chelsea.

  7. I’m trying to find a bug simalliar to the one I see in my house I don’t know the name and nothi ng is related can u help

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  9. I’m seeing fireflies in the trees around my house in the Redding area of northern Cal. I’ve lived here all my life and spend a lot of time in the outdoors. This is something I have never seen before.

    Are there other similar reports?

    This is in late January and February.

    They were there two nights ago after a heavy storm about an hour after dark.

    The first time I saw them, early January, they were very bright and not flashing, the next two night they weren’t quite as bright and flashing, all at the same time a little less than a second apart.

    First sighting was on an Oak tree, last night they were on a Deador Cedar.

    Thought you might like to now.

    Jeff L Haynes
    Millville Ca.

  10. Yes, Please help me I have some type of bug or insects. Its really too small to see, U can catch movement out of the corner of your eyes or on your clothes Which makes your clothe look like they have bubbles filled with some type of fluid,alot of lint balls, and old worn out and dirty. on your skin feels like a chemical burn Some days are worse than others. We have used every insecticide that we know of, also got a pest control company with no luck

    • For years I struggled with what sounds like the same thing you are dealing with. Thousands of dollars spent on pesticides with no luck and probably in years to come over exposure to such harsh chemicals will reveal many other health problems. Another piece of advice I’ll offer is be careful who you seek help and advice from…in my situation, not only did my friends and family not believe me and even tried to have me committed…but it also destroyed most of those relationships.. even doctors were of no help….if you have a sensation of something crawling all over your skin with nothing visibly there, sometimes feels like being bitten by something much smaller than a mosquito yet hurts much more… finally 1 day I googled the right search…something like “is there a parasite that looks like lint”? I came across something called “morgellons Disease”…a very controversial condition.. Not accepted by 99% of the medical community as a physical condition…they prefer to simply say it’s form of psychosis…but if you spend sometime going through the mountain of stuff on the internet, you can come across some info that might help (that is if morgellons is what you’re actually dealing with)….there are also alot of wild theories, and even scamsters offering products and cures…in my case I can’t say I’m 100% cured but there are some remedies I found online that did help some…they include: drinking pure red grape juice, swishing red wine around in your mouth and spitting it out, also drinking red wine, this 1 sounds crazy but worked for me: making a body scrub that you use all over in the shower. The scrub is borax mixed with dawn dish soap (I forget the proportions)….but I also found pure lemon as well as cinnamon to be powerful repellents when ingested…but I also added both to my body scrub…this combo smells a bit funky but you’re already in the shower…I found using the scrub with an abrasive body exfoliating sponge worked….finally, after using the scrub in the shower, after out of shower apply a generous layer of pure glycerin also known as vegetable glycerin all over your body…it’s very thick like hair styling gel so being totally covered in it can be somewhat uncomfortable as it takes a long time to dry on its own…but again if you are dealing with morgellons it burrows in the skin, attacks organs, and I’ve read that untreated will eventually kill you…the grape juice, red wine, lemon and cinnamon I’d mix with water and drink (not very tasty)…those all help to repel from inside the body…the shower scrub, and glycerin help remove from the skin…1 more thing: food grade diatomaceous earth is a universal thing that seems to kill all insects…I added a spoonful to my cinnamon & lemon & water drink…but also added to my scrub, and even put some in the washing machine with my laundry….like I said I cant say these things totally solved my problem but when I consider how tormented I was for years my quality of life greatly improved with a combination of these remedies…good luck!

  11. We i.d.’d a Dobsonfly tonight (Dallas TX). After further research we determined it to be a female. I read that sometimes they will eat honey water so we put a few drops near her. She crawled to it and starting licking the honey water mixture!


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