Wedge Shaped Beetle, NOT Cedar Beetle

Hello again
Thanks for the last id.  I have this new insect she is stunning and I would love to know what she is. I have no idea I looked up but could not find any information.
thanks Terri Martin

Dear Terri,
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Where are you located?  Do you have a dorsal image of this insect’s back?

Probably Cedar Beetle
Wedge Shaped Beetle

Ed. Note:  The small staff of What’s That Bug? does not have the time to try to track down previous submissions to our site from folks who prefer to respond to previous communications from us rather than using our standard form which request certain information and also provides a standard formatting for our postings.

Hi again Terri,
We took the time to track down your name in our archives, as we are guessing you are the same Terri Martin who submitted an image of
Gaurotes cyanipennis for identification in May.  If we are correct, we are then going to assume that this request is also from Baltimore, Ontario.  Because it takes so much additional time to track down previous submissions, we would normally have pitched this request right into the trash, and the only thing that prevented that is that your images are stunningly beautiful, and if we are correct, they are of a male Cedar BeetleSandalus niger, an underrepresented species on our site, though BugGuide has no submissions from Canada.  As we mentioned in our initial response, we wish you had provided a dorsal view.  Additionally, we have contacted Eric Eaton to corroborateour identification.

Correction Courtesy of Eric Eaton
Dear Daniel:
No.  LOL!  Good guess, though, given the angles in these images.  Did you take them?  This is a “wedge-shaped beetle” in the family Ripiphoridae.  Probably Ripiphorus sp., but there are other, similar genera.  They are parasites, in the larval stage, of solitary bees.  Their small size, and the short wing-covers, distinguish them from the cicada parasite beetle you mentioned.
author, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

Wedge Shaped Beetle
Wedge Shaped Beetle

Thanks Sorry Daniel I was so excited seeing this guy.  I do have a back shot I will attach here.
I found it in Courtice, Ontario  (Courtice Arena)  Prestonvale st.
I will use the correct process next time.
Thanks agian Terri

Wedge Shaped Beetle
Wedge Shaped Beetle

Thanks so much for providing this dorsal view of a Wedge Shaped Beetle.  Eric Eaton provided us with a corrected identification.  We want to thank you again for submitting such excellent images.

Wedge Shaped Beetle
Wedge Shaped Beetle

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