Giant Whitefly

Strange “Webs” June 14, 2010 Mr. Marlos, as the foremost bug expert in Los Angeles, can you tell me what insect (or arachnid, though I doubt it) makes these strange white drippy “webs?” This is a close-up of the ivy on my back fence. A couple seasons ago it was literally covered in them. I’m … Read more

Giant Whitefly Infestation on Hibiscus

White webby moths These pictures are of a colony of some tiny moths that have set up residence on my Hibiscus plant in Oceanside California. They dont seem to be eating the leaves, just stringing out large quantities of spiderweb like strands on the underside and laying their eggs in it. I’ve searched the internet endlessly … Read more

Whitefly Close-up

WhiteFly I thought you guys might like a photo of a whitefly you did not seem to have one. Also the link to your snakeflies page is busted. This whitefly shot was taken at the Owens Rose Garden in Eugene Oregon. Great Site. Thanks, Pat Griffin Nice Macro Photo Pat, We have fixed the link … Read more

Whiteflies at LACC

We realized we didn’t have a decent image of Whiteflies on our site, so we took advantage of the infestation on the hibiscus plants at LACC. Earlier in the week, a flock of Bushtits, Psaltriparus minimus, excitedly flitted in the shrubbery, twittering and snapping up the adult whiteflies that rose from the heavily filimented undersides … Read more


Hello, I am growing an assortment of vegetables as well as tomatoes in pots on my screened in porch here in Florida. My tomatoes, although protected from the larger menaces due to the screen, have fallen victim to these very small white flying pests. Due to their size they are very difficult to describe other … Read more


Dear What’s the Bug? Even though I’m not a homebody, I am concerned about some bugs invading my home. There are some pesky critters flying in, on and around my hibiscus bush in the front yard. These tiny flying pests have covered the leaves and pink flowers so that the whole bush appears to be … Read more