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Bug that makes a cricket soun
Location: San Francisco, CA
September 28, 2011 11:00 pm
Evidently this critter kept my wife up most of the night last night with a cricket like sound, until she tracked it down and whacked it. The body’s about 5/8” long. It kind of looks like a caddis fly, which I know from flyfishing. but I’ve never seen this exact bug before- it doesn’t fit into any of the categories of typical house pests. She said the sound was pretty loud. We’ve had a lot of very warm weather here lately, which is unusual.Any ideas?
Signature: Clifton Lemon

Tree Cricket

Hi Clifton,
In our opinion, whacking a harmless Tree Cricket for calling out to attract a mate constitutes Unnecessary Carnage.

Tree cricket huh? Wow. Agreed about the unnecesssariness of the whacking. Thanks! I was stumped.

We believe it may be a Snowy Tree Cricket, Oecanthus fultoni.  The Snowy Tree Cricket is also called a Thermometer Cricket because, according to Charles Hogue in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, you can tell the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit “if one counts the number of chirps in 13 seconds and adds 40.”  According to BugGuide:  “These are the crickets you hear in movies and on TV when they want to show that it’s out in nature and very quiet.”
P.S.  Perhaps it was a hot evening and your wife was having a bad night.

Cool, thanks so much for your excellent work. I am edified,

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Can’t find it. Noisy!
Location: Boise, Idaho
September 16, 2011 12:58 am
I caught this bug in my kitchen, in the dark. It is approximately 3/4 inch long. If it is the culprit, it sounds like a cricket, but much louder and consistently sounding long. Kinda like a cicada but entirely more annoying.
What is it, and should I set it free in my neighbor’s bedroom window?
Signature: david

Tree Cricket

Hi David,
This is a Tree Cricket.  We are puzzled, because if you find its chirping so annoying, we cannot imagine why you would want to release in in your neighbor’s bedroom window.  We feel a much better habitat would be some foliage in the garden.

Thanks! Only annoying because it was keeping me up at night chirping in my kitchen. Loudest cricket I’ve heard. :) I let him go in the flower garden next to some nice boulders.

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Location: Alabama
September 10, 2011 3:28 pm
I am trying to complete a highschool taxonomy project and I need help finding the common names of these bugs.
In some pictures there are several bugs, please identify them all. If you see the same species twice, please let me know. I have some more posts with more pics comming up. Thanks.
Signature: Calac64

High School Students wants to know "What's That Bug?"

bugs post#2
Location: Alabama
September 10, 2011 3:30 pm
I did not mention this in my last post, but my teacher recomende this site find identification.
Signature: Calac64

High School Insect Collection

Dear Calac64,
We believe that when your teacher recommended our website, it was not so that you would send your pictures to have our small staff do your homework for you.  We believe we were recommended as a resource that you could use to self identify the insects in your collection.

Ed. Note:  Calac64 sent a total of 4 emails with a total of 12 images requesting identifications.  There is no indication that Calac64 even attempted any identifications by providing a possible name for one of the insects.  If any of our readers would like to identify the insects in the photos, please feel free to post comments.

Thank you for that notification, I agree with your reasoning, but I did not mean to convey my request as you doing my homework.  My teacher just wanted us to identify the insects after we find them, and I did not think that she would mind me requesting help.  I apologize if I have conveyed my request in that fasion.  If you wish to, you can just not identify the insects, I don’t mind, plus I have already identified most of them.

Thank you for responding and clarifying your requests.  If you would like verification on any of your identifications, we will try our best to assist.

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Frog Legs with Lobster Body
Location: Piscataway, NJ
September 1, 2011 1:04 pm
My officemates and I found this bug just a moment ago. We have NO idea what it is. It looks like it has frog legs, but has a shell like a crustacean, and a lobster-type body that curls. We are all curious about what it is, and unfortunately, we don’t even know how to begin a Google search for it.
Hurricane Irene just passed us here in central NJ. Our office did not flood, but I’m guessing this mystery bug crawled in here over the weekend.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Signature: Ms. E

Camel Cricket

OK Ms. E,
You had us with that positively intriguing subject line, and then we saw this gorgeous photo of a common basement dweller.  Then we read your letter and we have to say, your submission has it all.  It is one swell package.  This is a Camel Cricket and they are often found in damp dank
dark locations, and as soon as we read you were in the path of Hurricane Irene, we thought for sure your basement had flooded and caused your Camel Cricket to seek higher drier ground.

Thanks so much for your speedy response!  My coworker posted the photo on Facebook and her scientist friend identified it as a Cave Cricket.  I think yours is a more accurate identification.  I still see it as having frog legs and a lobster body, though.  That is what I get for being a layperson!  Thanks again for replying, it was fun.  Best wishes on such an awesome project.  Sincerely, Kara Escobar.

Cave Cricket is another name for Camel Cricket.

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Katydid, grasshopper, or cockroach? Please let it be one of the first two…
Location: Cleveland, ohio suburb
August 20, 2011 5:05 pm
Hello, My husband found this insect in our northeast Ohio dining room. Our house is bordered by a large wooded area so I am thinking that it may be a katydid. However, I always worry when I see a large bug like this (can’t help myself)
Signature: worried in Ohio

Carolina Leaf Roller

Dear worried in Ohio,
Though your photo is blurry, we believe that, based on this photo posted to BugGuide, this is a female Carolina Leaf Roller,
Camptonotus carolinensis, which is classified as a Raspy Cricket in the family Gryllacrididae.  It isn’t classified in either the cricket family or the katydid family, though all three families are grouped together as Long-Horned Orthopterans in the suborder Ensifera.  According to BugGuide, it is a beneficial insect that:  “Hunts aphids at night.”

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Huge, underground, wingless wasp?!
Location: France
August 12, 2011 4:18 am
Dear Bugman,
Could you please help identify this bug? It has only 4(!) legs, no wings and is over 6 cm long. We found it yesterday in France, during daytime on a hot (30C) day.
When we released the bug, it immediately crawled into a small hole in the ground.
Signature: Yorizzz

Mole Cricket

Dear Yorizzz,
This is a Mole Cricket, not a wasp.  We get identification requests for Mole Crickets from many parts of the world other than Europe, including Asia, Australia, Africa and North America.

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