Burrowing Bug and Rash

Subject:  A beetle fell out of my shirt. I was sitting on my couch.  Afterwards went to garage. Looked in my car.  Began cooking.  It was eating me alive. Geographic location of the bug:  Harbison Canyon, San Diego County. CA Date: 06/22/2019 Time: 06:48 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  I’m still reacting terribly … Read more

Black Ground Bug

Subject:  Is this a bed bug? Kinda looks like one. Geographic location of the bug:  Clinton township, Michigan Date: 09/30/2017 Time: 02:15 PM EDT Been getting bug bites once in awhile not sure if they are mosquito bites, because it’s only one at a time. Thinking the worst bed bugs. I haven’t been sleeping in … Read more

Immature Burrowing Bug

Subject: Bug we found on our tile floor Location: Columbus, Ohio July 22, 2017 2:56 pm Hello, We have discovered a few of these over the last couple days on our tile floor. I had carpet beetles in a previous home, it doesn’t look like that. Any advice would be great, thank you! Signature: Mark … Read more

Immature Burrowing Bug, we believe

Subject: what is it? Location: Jersey City, NJ 07306 July 28, 2012 6:03 pm I FOUND THIS BUG CRAWLING ON THE WALL ON THE SIDE OF MY HOUSE. WHAT IS IT? IS IT HARMFUL? HOW DO I SEARCH TO SEE IF IT HAS FRIENDS? How do protect against it? Signature: Hector Hi Hector, Formerly known … Read more