Giant House Spider from the UK

Subject: My new pet spider. What is he (or she)? Location: Epsom, England, UK September 18, 2015 5:47 am I live in the UK and this little fella or gal has been popping up at various places around my home for the past two weeks. Would love to know what type of spider it is. … Read more

Filmy Dome Spiders Mating: Neriene radiata

Subject: Unknown spiders-Male/Female Location: Southwest, MI, USA October 18, 2013 4:45 pm Had seen this black and yellow spider hanging out in my marigold patch. Thought it was an Orchard Orbweaver at first until I saw my photos on my computer. Then a few days later I saw another smaller spider along with the black … Read more

Sheetweb Spider from New Zealand

long legged spider January 21, 2010 hi, i found this big fella when i was trimming my wisteria. i havn’t seen him since. hes quite big about 10 cm from foot to foot ive tried looking for something similar but i cant seem to find anything. ive also tried looking for him again (rather timidly) … Read more