Possibly Brown Recluse Spider

Subject:  Brown recluse? Geographic location of the bug:  missouri (Saint Louis) Date: 09/13/2017 Time: 10:47 PM EDT Please help! We just moved in to our apartment last month (August) and we think there are brown recluse spiders. So far we have killed about 15. We find most at night, and a few have been stuck … Read more

Brown Recluse Spider

Subject: Spider identification Location: Missouri May 19, 2017 7:59 am Hello, Any chance you can help identify this spider? Thanks, Signature: Ryan Dear Ryan, The shape of this spider sure looks like the shape of the Brown Recluse Spider, Loxosceles reclusa, and sure enough when we enlarged and lightened the image, we could make out … Read more

Brown Recluse

Loxosceles reclusa Location:  Decatur, Alabama August 6, 2010 8:33 am Hi Bugman, I already know what this one is, but I thought you might want another photo of a brown recluse spider. I find them from time to time after they get trapped in my bathroom sink (like this one). Will Sparks Hi Will, Thank … Read more

Brown Recluse

Hello Bugman! Hi, just sending this again, in case it got lost in the metamorphosis shuffle! My big question about this brown recluse is the fact it is two colors, i.e., brown thorax, white abdomen. Any insights as to why that is? Have a great day! Kate Originally sent: (02/01/2008) Hello Bugman! I live in … Read more

Brown Recluse

spider help Found this crawling on my arm in Tucson, AZ. Any ideas on what it is?? Thanks! We have had ever so many letters containing paranoid questions wondering if just about every size and color spider that lives in the U.S. might be a Brown Recluse. You have the real McCoy here, Loxosceles reclusa. … Read more