Horsehair Worm in Toilet: What to Do – Quick and Effective Solutions for Homeowners

Discovering a horsehair worm in your toilet can be an unsettling experience. These long, thin creatures can measure from several inches to over 14 inches, with a width of 1/25 to 1/16 inch, and come in various colors ranging from whitish to brown/black source. Although not dangerous to humans, it’s natural to want them out … Read more

Horse Hair Worms Facts: What Are These Hair-Like Worms in My Bathtub?

Horsehair worms are neither pests nor are they dangerous to us. Here is a collection of horse hair worms facts to cover everything you need to know about them. If you ever happen to see a tangled mass of black or brown, writhing strands in a stream – beware! While it might look like horse … Read more

What Do Horsehair Worms Eat? Shocking Truth

Horsehair worms enter homes through bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. But what do horsehair worms eat? Are they like pantry pests or something else? Lets find out. Horsehair worms are parasitic worms that need a host to develop and mature before they begin their life cycle. While the adult horsehair worms do not have a functioning … Read more