Diurnal Fairy Moth

Subject: Identification needed Location: Near Astoria, Oregon November 30, 2016 3:49 am I am an amature photographer and love to do maco photography of insects. Last may (2016) I took the attached photo of a flying insect landing on a very small white common daisy. The enclosed picture is modified only sparsely. The iridescent sparkle … Read more

Fairy Moth

Subject: What’s this bug? Location: Huckleberry Nature Preserve, Oakland, CA May 11, 2013 4:00 pm And why the long antennas? The plant is a cow parsnip, if that helps. Thanks. Signature: Kate Hi Kate, What an exciting photo submission.  This is a Fairy Moth in the family Adelidae, a very underrepresented group on our site.  … Read more

Fairy Moth from France

Subject: S of France nectar feeder Location: Cevennes mountains S of France May 7, 2013 4:56 am Have a number of very strange flying insects on our ceanothus in our garden in Robiac, about 1000 ft up in the Cevennes mountains (S of France). It is around 4mm in length with a bronze coloured wing … Read more

Fairy Moth

Moth? Butterfly? Fly? April 19, 2010 Hey WTB, I have an orchard in a rural part of Northern California. This weekend there were probably a hundred of these small black and white butterflies or moths darting around. They have insanely long antenna which seems to make it difficult for them to fly. Can anyone tell … Read more

Fairy Moth

Fly-Moth-Butterfly from Sunol September 3, 2009 I photographed this insect in April of 2009 in the Maguire Peaks area of Sunol Regional Wilderness, near Sunol, California. The wings make me think moth, but the antennae, butterfly, and the head, fly. Sengkelat Sunol, California Dear Sengkelat, This is a Fairy Moth in the genus Adela.  It … Read more