Absence of additional photos April 28, 2011 11:37 pm Heh. Having been succinCt, descriptive, and specific in the subject, what’s left? Oh yes, details. 🙂 I note that many posts state that there are additional photos (the Polyphemus moth is the one I saw, where it has a newly-emerged moth and states that they have … Read more

Amber goes to a convalescent home

Amber goes to Kimberly’s House November 21, 2010 For those of you readers who have been keeping track of The Fuzzy Bottom Gals and Daniel’s adventures raising chickens, you haven’t had any updates since Umber died on October 1.  Ginger followed Umber on October 24, about a week after I began to worry about Amber’s … Read more

Why Did Umber Start Limping???

September 23, 2010 Tuesday evening, Umber was limping slightly.  Yesterday it seems to have gotten worse.  Now Daniel is totally paranoid and thinking she may have Mareks Disease or Marek’s Disease.  We hope this story has a happy ending. Update September 25, 2010 Daniel’s paranoia that Umber may have Marek’s Disease is waning.  After a … Read more