Thick Headed Fly from Canada

Subject:  Fly ID Geographic location of the bug:  Aurora, Ontario. Canada Date: 05/04/2019 Time: 11:14 AM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Hi! Could you please help me with ID of this fly? I guess it’s some kind of hoverfly How you want your letter signed:  Vladimir Morozov Dear Vladimir, Your images are beautiful.  We … Read more

Mating Thick-Headed Flies from Ontario

Subject: Chalcid wasp? Location: Peterborough ON May 26, 2016 9:02 pm I found these small (1mm+) wasp-like insects mating in my backyard on the weekend – May 24. It was sunny and warm: around 26C. Signature: Rob Tonus Dear Rob, Our initial impression that the faces on your mating insects looked more like Flies than … Read more

Mating Thick Headed Flies

Subject:  thick headed fly Location:  Lancaster, PA October 30, 2013  10:12 AM Hi again Don’t mean to be a pest, but thought you might be able to use some shots of thick headed-flies making maggots. I took these in my flower garden on Joe Pye weed, Lancaster PA. There are abundant bumble bees which I … Read more

Thick Headed Fly, not Syrphid Fly

Identify a Wasp with a white face? Location:  Fairfield, Maine August 3, 2010 7:45 pm I found this on some goldenrod along with dozens of paper wasps. I seemed very camera shy or very busy, so I was only able to get this one picture. I looked through a lot of the potter wasps but … Read more

Thick Headed Flies Mating

Thick-headed Bug Love July 14, 2010 Found some thick-headed flies courting and thought you might like them for your bug love page. They were mating until I rudely interrupted with my camera, poor things. Sara central NJ Hi Sara, We keep on saying this is the last letter we are posting today, and we keep … Read more

Thick Headed Fly

Thick-headed fly July 11, 2010 Thick-headed fly Sure thought this was a smallish wasp, but finally found out it’s a thick-headed fly. Thought you might like a picture. Sara NJ Hi Sara, As we were working on your post, we realized we needed to create a new category for Thick Headed Flies.  We will need … Read more