Long Legged Fly

Subject:  Fruit Fly? Red AND Green? Geographic location of the bug:n  New Paltz, New York Date: 01/08/2019 Time: 01:09 AM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  HELLO BUGMAN! I LOVE that this site hasn’t changed since i was in middle school like 8 years ago, god bless, we STAN consistency!! <3 anyways, I found this … Read more

Long Legged Fly from Australia

Subject:  Bug Geographic location of the bug:  Sydney Australia Date: 04/01/2018 Time: 02:47 AM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  This bug was on my herb pot plant never seen it before like to identify How you want your letter signed:  Lady bug Dear Lady bug, This is a Long Legged Fly in the family … Read more

Long Legged Flies

Subject:  Bugs in backyard Geographic location of the bug:  Torrance California Date: 09/28/2017 Time: 07:31 PM EDT I put fly traps up in backyard to help with flies around my dogs and I end up catching these bugs instead. I just want to make sure these are not mosquitos since my dogs and myself are … Read more

Long Legged Fly on Woody Plant

Subject:  What’s on my Woody Plant? Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California August 20, 2017 12:30 pm Dear Bugman, I try to keep abreast of what I am finding on my woody plants, and you have provided such excellent information in the past.  Please help me identify this metallic green insect.  It moved about very … Read more

Long Legged Fly, we believe

Subject: Fly identification Location: Regina, Sask., Canada September 6, 2015 5:51 pm need your hep to i.d this fly. Surprised to find it on my hydrangea. Suspect it may be a hover fly, but have never seen one here in Saskatchewan, Canada. Signature: Geo McBride Dear Geo, We believe, but we are not certain, that … Read more