Dance Fly

Subject: Bug in birdbath Location: Northern California April 7, 2017 7:29 am I saw this bug yesterday, April 6, on the rock in my birdbath. I cannot identify it and would appreciate your input. Northern California location. Thank you! Signature: Kate Schaffner Dear Kate, Both the antennae and the proboscis lead us to believe this … Read more

Dance Fly or other type of Fly???

Correct Identification? Location: Battle Ground, WA April 17, 2011 10:06 pm I just wanted to thank you for all the excellent resources you provide people with. My kids captured this insect worried it was a Flying Termite. I used several of the ”Buglinks” and found the bug. My question is why is the Dance Fly … Read more

Unknown Dipteran with Air Balloon: Male Dance Fly

Mosquito with a puff-ball? We were hiking in Citico Creek Wilderness of the Cherokee National Forest of east Tennessee, when we ran into groups of large mosquito-like insects flying around with large, white, air-filled balls, seemingly made of a material produced by the insect. They were flying around each other, as if in a mating … Read more