Bug of the Month August 2022: Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly and Joe Pye Weed

Subject: Male Monarch Butterfly visits wildflowers in the garden Geographic location of the bug:  Campbell, Ohio Date: 07/29/2022 Time: 11:08 AM EDT Gentle Readers, There are some changes happening to What’s That Bug? including Daniel finally relinquishing some of his megalomaniacal editorial control by allowing a staff to take over much of the incoming mail … Read more

Red Spotted Purple and Viceroy

Red Spotted Purple

Subject: Red Spotted Purple on Butterfly Bush Geographic location of the bug:  Campbell, Ohio Date: 07/20/2022 Time: 11:40 AM EDT Gentle Readers, Daniel is thrilled to be spending an entire summer in the yard where he grew up for the first time since the late 1970s, and he is well aware of changes that have … Read more

Peacock Butterfly from Germany

Subject:  European peacock butterfly Geographic location of the bug:  Regensburg Germany Date: 10/11/2021 Time: 01:33 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Found in garden in Germany How you want your letter signed:  Mark Dear Mark, Thanks so much for submitting your lovely image of a European Peacock Butterfly.

Monarch Metamorphosis in Elyria Canyon Park

Subject:  Monarch Emerges from Chrysalis Geographic location of the bug: Elyria Canyon State Park, Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California Date: 07/09/2021 Time: 8:51 AM PDT Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Readers, Last week Daniel informed you that while hiking in Elyria Canyon Park as post-operative knee therapy, he found a Monarch Chrysalis and Caterpillar … Read more