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Subject: Is that termites?
Location: Texas
September 22, 2015 7:56 pm
I would like to know what kind of bug is that? I found on my hardwood floor with sawdust.
Signature: Na

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae

You have Carpet Beetle Larvae.

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Subject: Click clogged and found bugs
Location: New York City
August 13, 2015 11:28 am
I just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn, New York – NYC. The apartment was refernished about 2 years ago. When I moved into the aparmtent, the bathroom sink was clogged and asked the superatendent to fix it. When I came home I found these bugs in the toilet. Can you indicate what bugs these are? I believe they have only 6 legs, and look similar to bed bugs or a spider.
Signature: Any way

Spider Beetles

Spider Beetles

Dear Any way,
We are a bit confused about the connection between the clogged drain and your discovery in the toilet because we can’t imagine the superintendent leaving them there if they were removed from the drain.  Do you suspect that in unclogging the drain, the water came up in the toilet and that these insects were the cause of the clog?  While the circumstances are quite confusing, we can tell you that the insects you found in the toilet are Spider Beetles in the Subfamily Ptininae, and that they infest stored foods and will eat a wide variety of organic substances in the home.  According to BugGuide:  “several species occur in homes, granaries, mills, warehouses.”

Spider Beetles

Spider Beetles

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Subject: Ew, some kind of beetle larvae?
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 24, 2015 5:20 pm
Found this kibble of dog food behind some kitchen furniture, noticing it is a maggot nursery! What kind of beetle/bug is nesting in my kitchen?’
Thanks 😃
Signature: Maggot spotter

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Dear Maggot spotter,
Maggots are the larvae of flies.  You have Carpet Beetle Larvae, common household pests that will eat a wide variety of organic substances found in the home.

Thank you 👍  I had carpet beetles in the kitchen for a short while, (I think they hitched a ride with some old dry compost plants I bought at food lion !) but haven’t seen them in a few months …

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Subject: Bugs in Window
Location: Southwest Virginia
April 30, 2015 1:03 pm
I have these bugs around my kitchen window mostly, but they venture out sometimes. I clean them up 3 – 4 times a day. Every time I clean them, I get between 25 and 50 on my wet paper towel. They seem to have a relatively short life span. I would like to know what they are and if there is some type of natural deterrent .
Signature: Louis Goodbrod

Varied Carpet Beetle

Varied Carpet Beetle

Dear Louis,
You are being troubled by a common household pest, the Varied Carpet Beetle,
Anthrenus verbasci .  You may have encountered the larvae of the Varied Carpet Beetle as well.  The larvae will feed on a wide variety of organic materials in the home, and adult Carpet Beetles feed on pollen.  You are finding them in your windows because they are trying to get outside.

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Subject: strange beetle
Location: southeastern Idaho
March 28, 2015 8:06 pm
I keep finding these beetles in my bathroom, and I’ve never seen them before.
Signature: mrs. Payne


White Marked Spider Beetles

Dear Mrs. Payne,
These are Longhorned Borer Beetles in the family Cerambycidae, and they resemble the Ivory Marked Beetle, Eburia quadrigeminata, but they seem very small and Idaho is considerably west of their range as listed on BugGuide, so normally we would discount that as a possibility but for one bit of information posted on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide:  “Notorious for emerging from furniture after as many as 10-40 yrs.  Delayed emergence of E. quadrigeminata was discovered from a birch bookcase 40 years old (Jaques 1918).”  Larvae from this family are wood borers, often remaining in the larval stage feeding for several years.  If infested lumber is milled and turned into paneling or furniture, it is possible that the larvae might survive, and individuals in that situation may emerge many years later and they are often considerably smaller than individuals that develop in nature.  According to BugGuide:  “hosts include a wide variety of hardwoods (oak, ash, hickory, locust, chestnut, maple, elm, beech, cherry); larvae bore in heartwood.”  It is possible that you bought a piece of furniture made from one of those trees that was milled in the normal range of the Ivory Spotted Beetle, and that could explain its presence in Idaho.  That is speculation on our part and the beetles you found might actually be a local species, but at this time, we have not been able to find a likely candidate.  We will seek a second opinion on this from Eric Eaton and our readers might also be able to provide some other information.


Whitemarked Spider Beetle

Eric Eaton Responds
Way too tiny for Ivory-marked Longhorn, but I see the resemblance otherwise.
These are spider beetles, family Ptinidae.  Probably the White-marked Spider Beetle, Ptinus fur.  Here’s the Bugguide page:
I rarely see these, but they are well-known “stored product pests.”
author, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

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Subject: house insect
Location: aylesbury Buckinghamshire, england UK
March 16, 2015 5:50 am
Hiya i keep seeing these bugs around our home and just wondered what they are. There is not a lot of them and only see them every so often just dont know whether its a house bug or or something that crawling in through windows etc.
Signature: elliott tunbridge

Carpet Beetle

Varied Carpet Beetle

Dear Elliott,
This is a Varied Carpet Beetle, Anthrenus verbasci, a common household pest.  The larvae of Carpet Beetles are often found indoors where they feed on shed pet hair and other organic materials.  Adults feed on pollen and though they do not damage the home or its furnishings, they can become a nuisance when they are plentiful and they gather on window sills in an effort to get outside.  They often die indoors.  We have been receiving Carpet Beetle identification requests daily right now, and we have not posted a new image recently.  Your image is of a good quality, so we have determined it is time for a new Varied Carpet Beetle posting that can be featured.

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