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Subject: spiked
Location: Taman hutan insinyur haji juanda, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
December 5, 2012 4:54 am
I found this little guy in the forest 12/25/2010.
black on the back with spikes on it and gold on the other side.
size not more than 1 cm.
It flew from a tree to my friends arm where I took the photo.
Signature: Mohamad Idham Iskandar

Spiny Leaf Beetle

Dear Mohamad,
This is sure an interesting looking critter.  We haven’t the time to research it at this moment, but we want to post your photos.  We believe this might be a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.

Leaf Beetle, we believe

Update:  Spiny Leaf Beetle
Thanks to a comment from Trevor, we have this link to a Spiny Leaf Beetle in the genus

Thanks Daniel and Trevor for the id, it sure is an interesting looking little guy especially the gold color.

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Subject: South African Ladybug ID please
Location: Kruger National Park, South Africa
November 9, 2012 12:16 pm
I took this photo in Kruger Nat’l Park, South Africa in September (20-23), 2012. I can’t find it in my field guide nor in the 11 pages here. Thanks so much, should you be able to help me.
P.S. I have more photos if needed.
Signature: Elaine

Leaf Beetle, we presume

Dear Elaine,
We have not had any success with a species identification for you just yet.  We believe this is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.

Thanks so much for your time spent on this one, as I know it is a precious commodity with all the requests you receive. Most appreciated, Elaine

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Subject: Weeping Willow Bug?
Location: North Carolina
October 14, 2012 11:27 am
Found this cocoon like bug on my weeping willow…what is it?
Signature: Does not matter

Beetle Pupae

Dear Does not matter,
These are Beetle Pupae, and our first thought is that they are most likely some species of Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  We are entertaining the possibility that they might be Imported Willow Leaf Beetle pupae,
Plagiodera versicolora, which we learned about on BugGuide.  Alas, BugGuide doesn’t have many pupae photos and those seem to be from the wrong angle to be certain.  They could also possibly be Lady Beetle pupae like the V-Marked Lady Beetle pupae pictured on MoBugs

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Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Cavendish Vermont (usa)
October 18, 2012 12:37 pm
hi i wanted to know what kind of bug this is never seen one before here in Vermont we also had them last year summer 2011
Signature: idk

Leaf Beetle

Dear idk,
This is a Leaf Beetle in the genus

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Subject: just showed up in october
Location: Burlington, MA
October 6, 2012 10:37 am
We found a swarm all over the side of the garage. Tree in backyard split and thought that might be where they came from.
Signature: Claudia

Black Margined Loosestrife Beetle

Hi Claudia,
We are certain that this is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae, however, we have not been successful identifying it to the species level despite the extensive archive on BugGuide.  The closest matches we could find were the reverse coloration of
Neolema ovalis (see BugGuide) and Phyllobrotica limbata (see BugGuide), though we are quite confident that neither of those is correct.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck or notice something on BugGuide that we overlooked.

Eric Eaton identifies the Black Margined Loosestrife Beetle
Got it:  Black-margined Loosestrife Beetle:
Thanks for the challenge!

Thanks Eric,
We were most pleased to read this:  “Imported as a biocontrol to combat purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)”
on BugGuide.

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Subject: Head Like a Parrot with a Black Jacket
Location: Japan, Tokyo
October 8, 2012 12:12 am
Hi, I’m living in Tokyo and discovered this cheeky character feasting on my flowers yesterday 10-06-2012 I’ve searched all over the web and in a few books but can’t seem to place him.
Many thanks!
Signature: Harry

Japanese Poplar Leaf Beetle

Hi Harry,
We love your subject line.  We found your Leaf Beetle on FlickR where it is identified as a Japanese Poplar Leaf Beetle,
Aulacophora nigripennis.  We then verified that identification on Natural Japan where it states:  ” This species is very common. It eats the leaves of wild plants such as gourds (uri), but also attacks commercial crops (e.g. soybeans and carnations).”  The Japanese name is given as “kuro-uri-hamushi.”

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