Milkweed Meadow Continued: Which Bumble Bee is it?????

August 4, 2011 We walked back to the Milkweed Meadow in Elyria Canyon Park this morning to check on the status of the two Monarch Caterpillars, Danaus plexippus, thinking that they might have transformed into chrysalides, but I could only find one of the caterpillars.  Hopefully the other was just elsewhere, or perhaps it found … Read more

Red Footed Cannibal Fly

red footed cannibalfly Location:  southwest ohio August 12, 2010 10:58 pm i saw this last year and thanks to your website, and having it the bug of the month, i know what it is now! this was taken last week of august 2009. BIBEF Hi again BIBEF, We are happy to hear you were able … Read more