Beetle from India: Superfamily Elateroidea

Subject: Identification of Beetle
Location: Bangalore, India
July 24, 2016 9:05 am
Hi……Am Girish Ananthamurthy from Bangalore, India…today i.e. 24th July 2016 i have photographed this small beetle in the famous Lal Bagh Garden located in Bangalore. am trying to identify this little beetle but unable to get any correct information……in the process of my search came across your website and thought of requesting you to please help me identify this beetle . Hope i can get an answer and thanking you in anticipation
Signature: Girish Ananthamurthy

Beetle: Superfamily Elateroidea
Beetle: Superfamily Elateroidea

Dear Girish,
Our three best guesses for your Beetle’s family are Soldier Beetle family Cantharidae, Net-Winged Beetle family Lycidae or Firefly Beetle family Lampyridae.  Interestingly, all three families are in the same superfamily Elateroidea.  It looks similar to the Red Soldier Beetle,
Rhagonycha fulva, a species native to Eurasia, introduced into North America and pictured on Focusing on Wildlife.

Dear sir….thank you so much….i also found similarity with red soldier beetle but was confused as i read that its not native to India….then how come its founs here ao asked for identification..thank you again

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