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bed bugs? please help
Location: wa
April 17, 2012 6:19 pm
hi my name is josh i have no idea about bed bugs we have been seeing there pod looking things for a couple of weeks now just on out sheets none on the matress it self and we do sleep with a yorkie that just started going outside and has all her shots and we gave her flea treatmeant the night before and a bath and the next day i found these all over the sheet and but them all together and tooks some pics and i have no idea what they are can your please help me thank you i hate not knowing what it is
Signature: josh

Sesame Seeds or Tapeworm segments???

Hi Josh,
Though there has been a significant rise in the occurrence of Bedbugs in recent years, the internet hysteria on the topic is greatly disproportional.  Do you eat sesame bagels in bed very often?  These are sesame seeds and you are not the first person who has contacted us with this paranoia.  See this account from our archives which is the second most popular posting on our site.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Washington
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17 Responses to Sesame Seeds or Intestinal Worm Segments mistaken for Bedbugs!!!

  1. sauermk97 says:

    I’m not going to say I know for sure what your issue is, because I am not an expert. However, I can tell you I had something similar to what you are describing several years ago. I found out that those little sesame seeds were coming from my cats rectum. He slept on my bed, and yes they were all over my bed, including up by my head on my pillow. Can you say grossed out? They are segments of some sort of intestinal worm that is transmitted to the animal via fleas. I can’t recall exactly what parasite worm it is, but I took the cat to the vet and got him on some medicine and low and behold the sesame seeds stopped. Good luck. Repost when you find out for sure what it is. I’d be interested to see if I am right on this.

    • bugman says:

      Thank you for your perspective and experience in this matter. We hadn’t even considered the possibility of sloughed off segments of a parasitic, intestinal worm. The photos are not perfectly focused and that might be a good possibility. We still favor the sesame seeds in this case, but it will be interesting to see if the person who submitted the question follows up with us.

  2. Bugophile says:

    Periodically our inside/outside cat picks up a tapeworm, which results in him shedding segments occasionally in locations where he sleeps a lot. They tend to look more like dried up rice grains than sesame seeds, though.

  3. samsara says:

    Sauermk97 is exactly right! These are the dried up segments of worm more often found in cat areas, but also with dogs. Yep, disgusting! I’ve had a lot of past experience with this.

    Have your dog de-wormed!

  4. fayebulous says:

    My vet saved me $90. I had the same fear and instantly called a pest control company. I made an appt for them to come out to do the inspection. Luckily, my puppy had a vet appt the next day. Per the vet, my puppy had an intestinal worm. The droppings are eggs from the worm which produce fleas when hatched. 1 pill will clear it up.

  5. JessicA says:

    I”m having the same problem started in the middle of march I got an exterminator he said he had no idea and then I paid $175.00 for a bed bug dog to come and the exterminator said the dog gave a positive bed bug determination my son had a viral rash at the time it now shows but I thought he was getting bit by bugs my kids been back in their room for 5 days no bites those egg things are still showing up on my daughters bed in bunks the cat sleeps with her and I know the cat did have worms when we first got her so its probably right some kind of worm thank you so much I’m taking the cat to the vet tomorrow

  6. Rachel says:

    Something similar was happening to me, and it ended up being beans from a stuffed animal that was leaking.

  7. Tammy says:

    They are without a doubt from worms. We have 3 kittens and it is in their bedding. They have been dewormed and are inside kittens and yet they keep coming back. But yes, they’re from worms.

  8. Lela says:

    Those are eggs from Tapeworms. I foster dogs and see this often. The litter I have now where infested with flease. The dogs bite at the fleas, ingest them which causes the tapeworm. The worming medicine (which you can get from your vet), will kill the tapeworm and cause the eggs to shed when they poop. If the dogs are inside, clean the area were they have pooped very well. :)

  9. Amanda says:

    My dog has these little red seed things in his bed he sleeps in between my husbands and my pillows can we get these things? Im getting a vet appt soon

  10. Ray says:

    How can a worm egg hatch and make a flea??!! That is very confusing to say the least. Anyway, I find these exact looking things in my poop. But every time my doctor sends poop to lab. Everything comes back negative. Even when you can visually see them in the poo. Symptomss are constipation, dull belly ache , weight loss, fatigue, mucus in poop. This has been going on for a year. And my doctor just acts like its all in my mind. I had a doctor give me a one time dose of biltricide about 1500 mg. next day I had diary ah . Then everything was quite, no stomach rumbling, no ache. That lasted about a month.and returned with a vengeance . Somebody please help me. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Raydio12@comcast.net

  11. Ramona says:

    Ray, you need to see a GI specialist. Please look at the article below, it covers this whole topic.
    Good luck!

  12. Ray says:

    Hello everyone, just wanted to update you. Those sesame seed looking things turned out to be flea tapeworm eggs. After sending specimens to quest diagnostics twice and both times getting a negative (even though eggs were in plain site) I insisted my doctor send another specimen to a different lab. And Lo and behold . Positive flea tape worm diagnosis!! They say some how that I ingested a flea. That flea had a tapeworm egg. Now my doctor has given me a prescription for 1200mg of biltracide ( praziquantel ), problem is, I was once given this exact drug and dose. It seemed to get better for a month or so then gurgling ,constipation ,dull belly ache, returned. Is it the wrong dose? Should I have taken it with food? As I write this I am looking at the pills. And I just want them to work. Any suggestions guys? Awaiting your reply – Ray

  13. Ivy says:

    Wow… gross…… wow. I’ve woken up with one of these coming out of a broken tooth TWICE in the last two weeks. I have a cat (a rescue) who I have been fairly certain has at least one parasite if not more. Problem is I lost my home AND job in a shady sale with my boss. Have spent over $6,000 on hotel rooms trying to keep my cat & get both of us into good health. My ENTIRE college fund is gone. My family are all deceased. And my best friend & roommate of 8 years I’m no longer even friends with over him insisting I was being crazy & all this was in my head. Went to the ER 3 MONTHS AGO to have them say it was in my head as well! When all I needed was to run across your website. Uuugh! I knew it wasn’t “in my head”! Good luck Ray & Josh. Thank you guys SOOOO MUCH for the candor! Had you not been so candid I’d still be hopeless!

  14. Emma says:

    @Ray Hi Ray, tapeworm infections are relativly easy to treat, especially outside the united states. You can take Mebendazole, a cheap over the counter drug, 100mg twice a day for 3 days.

  15. Kyle says:

    I had this problem with very similar looking seed and was similarly worried. However, after looking around online and thinking about the source of the seeds I realized I had a seed-filled pillow that was leaking the seeds into the bed very slowly. Some stuffed animals are filled with similar seeds and if either form a small hole they will disperse throughout the bed. If you have a similar pillow or stuffed animal check it out because this is likely the source, not tape worms or bed bugs.

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