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Rasta Bug
Location: Mozambique
December 10, 2010 2:19 am
Hello! Friend of mine in Mozambique found this interesting bug in Mozambique. Not sure of location, but did find a similar picture from Kew Gardens expedition, and they have not identified it. Really need to know if this critter is rare or common? And of course what it is!!
Signature: any way ?

Picasso Bug

Dear any way,
Sadly, we haven’t the time to research this right now, but we are posting the photo.  We believe this is a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae.  The markings are truly awesome.  Alas, we must get ready to go to work now.

Hi Daniel and any way:
Picasso Bug and Zulu Hud Bug are the two common names I found for this guy.  It’s a Shield-backed Bug (Scutelleridae), probably Sphaerocoris annulus, but there could be similar species. I couldn’t find out much about it other than it appears to be quite widely dispersed – I found photos from South Africa, Ethiopia and Cameroon.  What an amazing creature! It’s almost hard to believe that it’s real, but nothing surprises me anymore. Regards.  Karl

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Africa
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