What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Cicada Killer
August 5, 2009
Hello :)
I recently found this interesting wasp looking bug hanging from my balcony holding a cicada. Normally, I would not have known what the heck was going on here (some kind of inter-species fling??) But just that morning, I had read an article in the local newsletter about these interesting bugs, and decided to take a few pics. The article was lettiong members of the community know to not kill them or try to exterminate them, that they are a “good bug” (as most are, but still we have to squish or swat them out of fear)
After perusing your site for the identification of a house centipede (a very scary million-legged beast that was crawling around with our son on the floor. Unfortunately, after reading about it, I would have tried to put it outside to battle our spider problem…) I thought about the pictures I had taken of the cool Cicada Killer in action. I thought that they would be a great addition to your site and some good education for paeple that may not know about them. Sadly, the Cicada Killer could not keep holding on to the balcony with one leg, and dropped his prey, so I got a pic of that too (quite a pretty cicada actually).
Enjoy and keep doin what youre doin, and thanks for my newfound interest in bugs :)
Cool Bug Lover
Washington, DC

Cicada Killer and Annual Cicada

Cicada Killer and Annual Cicada

Dear Cool Bug Lover,
Thanks for sending us your great food chain images of a Cicada Killer and an Annual Cicada.  Female Cicada Killers are used to struggling with their large ungainly prey and we suspect she eventually arrived at her burrow with her catch.  The Cicada Killer takes advantage of gravity by climbing trees and other tall structures and gliding toward the nest with the prey in tow.  We are also gladdened to hear your local newsletter is promoting tolerance of Cicada Killers which terrify many of our readers.

Cicada Killer and Annual Cicada Prey

Cicada Killer and Annual Cicada Prey

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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One Response to Cicada Killer and Prey

  1. snappymouth says:

    Cool Bug Lover, could you link to the article? (or let me know what paper it was in? I live in DC too..)

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