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black flying heart-shaped bugs everywhere!
Sat, May 2, 2009 at 5:13 AM
I live in Northwest Ohio. I have had a black heart-shaped bug flying around my house for about 2 or 3 months. I can’t figure out where they are coming from. They seem to like water. They hang around in our bathrooms a lot. I have pictures of them on a recently wet towel. When you kill them, they leave a black residue almost like black dust on your wall. I have not had them bite but they will fly close to people. They also like lamps and light bulbs when it gets dark out. They are about half the size of a common house fly. Please help, I need to get rid of them!!!
Northwest Ohio

Bathroom Fly

Bathroom Fly

Hi Maranda,
You have Bathroom Flies. The larvae of the Bathroom Fly live in the sludge of your sink and tub drains. If you want to get rid of them, you need to have the pipes cleaned.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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26 Responses to Bathroom Fly

  1. Gydney says:

    I have lived in two houses in Southern California that had Jacuzzi bathtubs. Both are plagued by these flys. They lay eggs in the jets of the tubs, and everytime you take a bath there are tiny black larval worms, 1/4″ long, hair thickness, wiggling around in the water. Plumber said to fill up tub, add cup or two of bleach and run it for 1/2 hour EVERY WEEK. Current tub is huge like a hot tub, and we have a drought going on, so instead, I just jammed sample size shampoo bottles in jets. Now I only get maybe 3 to 6 per bath. Creepy!! Wrote Jacuzzi about it, surprise, never heard back from them, but I see that newer baths just use air jets, not water jets. Maybe they’re better. Hate these flies!

  2. athenator says:

    After an sewage pipe burst under our apartment, we had quite a swarm of the bathroom flies (or drain flies) we found a chemical online for ours, we could definitely see a difference after a few days of treatment, that combined with raid to get rid of the live ones. although we were sweeping up dead drain flies for awhile.

  3. lovey7 says:

    I call them jail bugs because the first time I saw them was when I spent time in jail when I was younger. And everywhere I have gone since then i see them one or two.. I say its God reminding me to never go back..

  4. ihatebugs says:

    I have these gross bathroom flies, but never had them until my husband put in a new shower.
    please help I am at my wits end

  5. Joyce says:

    How do you get rid of bathroom flies?

  6. Joyce says:

    What do you use to get rid of the sludge

  7. Shirley thomason says:

    i have had these bugs for about 3 weeks now !!! have tryed pouring bleach down drain, this helped for awhile. hate drain bugs!!!!!!!! i wont to know if they bite you?

    • bugman says:

      Drain Flies do not bite. They might carry the remnants of Drain Bacteria on their bodies when they emerge from the pipes.

  8. hannah scott says:

    What is the best way to clean our bathroom drains ? We are overun with bathroom bugs. We have live at our home for almost ten years and we are just having trouble with these bathroom bugs. Please help

  9. roseann says:

    I think they are very cute and are harmless . They don’t bite at all they are God’s creation.

    • angry says:

      no one cares roseann

    • Lps Red says:

      I feel the same exact way! They are literally heart shaped! These bugs have never actually annoyed me, unlike deer flies or fruit flies, and I find them as a kind little presence! This view also helps with the fact that we’ve never had a problem with them!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    These bugs that look like a fly pop up around bathtub faucet and where they were fixing pipes top of the bathroom ceiling, they are everywhere! What do I do? What can I get to get rid of them?

  11. Melissa says:

    actually, drain flies so most definitely bite!!! I know this to be a fact because I have been bit by them.

  12. ude says:

    I didn’t think so but yes, they do bite, I can tell you. They’re in my basement bathroom and one got upstairs in my bedroom and I saw it flying around me. My arm had a couple of bites in the morning. They’re hard to kill, too. It’s like they know you’re going to swat them.

  13. Benay says:

    In a plastic spray bottle I mixed white vinager, peroxide, mouth wash, liquid dish soap and about ten drops of peppermint essential oil with a little water. Then I spragyed then the mat under our dogs food n water bowl, the walls in the shower, the tub, toilets and all the sinks and even damp mopped the bathrooms, hall, foyer n kitchen tile floors because they loved my white-white walls. They were dropping like flies! (no pun intended 😉 as I sprayed it directly on them. I treated all the drains with a scoop of baking soda followed with a chaser of peroxide, enough to wash down the baking soda. Then after about ten minutes I poured boiling water into the drains to flush them, even doing it to the toilets. I also placed drain screens in the sinks and rubber flat stoppers over the shower and tub drain. I covered the sink overflow slots with a piece of decrarive duct tape. Sorry I don’t measure. I was on a mission. I rarely see one of then now. I think they might come in once in a while from outside when we open one of the doors. Next to Spic n Span all those black streaks on my white-white walls. Before I mixed my desperate concoction I would use a knit garden glove that had a rubber palm without putting it on to swat them n I discovered that you had to swat them head on so they couldn’t fly away from you. They are fast n so tiny but they can’t fly backwards! This worked for me.

  14. l white says:

    Yes they do bite,and I found out that it’s hard to swat them because they are so light that the wind force as you swat pushes them away if you swat easy perfect, and you can buy what’s call boi invade liquid to rid themselves.

  15. So Blessed! says:

    Thank you all! My husband and I thought we were losing our mind! We had never seen them before we moved into our new apt. I was so happy to have a bathroom in my bedroom until we realized that we had an infestation of sorts. Everyday I would kill like 4-5 of these little black winged bugs. I covered up the drain in the shower but neglected to do the same in the sink! Now thanks to you all I have the answer. THANK YOU!!!!

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