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tiny black bugs
Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 10:43 PM
These bugs recently appeared in a house that we have been living in for the past 11 months. We have seen them in the washer and dryer room and our bathroom. They are mostly seen crawling on walls. We use a quarterly pest control service and the last time they came they sprayed in the attic. I am calling them to come back for a “call back” but I was hoping to know what they are sooner.
Thanks, bugged out in Texas
Houston, TX

Grain Weevil

Grain Weevil

Dear Bugged Out in Texas,
This is a weevil, possibly a grain weevil.  Is there stored pet food nearby?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the quick response.  The pest control (Truly Nolen) is here and you “nailed it”!  It is a weevil.  He showed us a book with insects and to be exact it is a rice weevil.  They were infested in a bag of bird seed that we have in a cabinet in our dining room.  The bag contains milo, millet, cracked corn and sunflower seeds.  The corn is what it looks like it was after.  The strange thing is that we have had the plastic bag of seed since the summer and never noticed them until we came back from my grandparents house in Oklahoma.  We brought back a back of nuts and had them in the same cabinet.  Two days later we noticed the bugs.  Not sure if that is it but we can draw a pretty good conclusion that is were they came from.
WE can’t thank you enough for helping identify these pesky things!  I’ve included a link that shows what they look like in our bird seed.
Have a Happy New Year!
John and Melissa Roschal

Grain Weevil

Grain Weevil

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Texas
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14 Responses to Grain Weevil

  1. Dave says:

    Definitely edible. There’s no record of anyone getting ill from the consumption of insects [or their frass] that infest human foods. In fact the occurence in our food of weevils or moths, in any of their life stages, would simply increase the nutrition of that food.

  2. jcales says:

    I also have an infestation of these pesky little creatures. We noticed them several months ago I had sewed and made some of the corn bags for the game corn-hole. I had the box placed in a closet. I saw these bugs and immediately started investigating and I removed the box and sprayed. I vacummed everything up and didn’t noticed them for some time. About a month or so ago I noticed them everywhere in the closet so I pulled everything out including all the clothes. I am not able to find what it is that they are feeding on. They aren’t visible in my kitchen and believe I have tore my house apart and sprayed every spray money can buy. They have moved to every room in my house its almost like they are feeding off of my carpet. Does anyone have any suggestions???

    I keep pulling everything out and vacumming and then emptying the vacumn into a bag and taking it outside to the trash. I am seriously about to pull my hair out. I don’t really have the money to have a professional come out.

  3. Brandi says:

    The picture of the weevil on the corn kernel is great, what are the rules of me using this picture in a presentation?

  4. […] to eliminate that problem.  Just discard the infested food products.  Here is a recent posting on Grain Weevils. Grain Weevilhelp!!! bedbugs? body lice? please help Location: southern maryland August 6, 2011 […]

  5. Shmoo says:

    I sent a request a few weeks back with photos, but just found them myself here.

    The showed up again tonight, after being wiped-out the week before last. I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from because, unlike last time, my doors/windows have not been open for warm weather.

    Then I thought to check the birdseed I keep near my patio in a bucket. Yup.

    Seeds led me to narrow my search to weevils and these look like the ones I have.

    • bugman says:

      We are happy to learn you did eventually find the identity of your Weevils as well as the source of the infestation. Sadly, our staff is quite small and consequently, we are unable to respond to every request we receive.

  6. brenda says:

    smoothing bit me in the middle of the nite the bite was like a flee bite but hurt like a bee the secket day it had a bump in the middle and two half circles around it third day I started getting red bumps all over my chest by the bite was and now its been 2 weeks and I am covered in red bumps from head to toe and some of them sting some times but where the bite was is gone and the only bug I have seen in my house was a little black bug in my bird seed but petco said it wasent a bite from that bug what could it be please help in Jonesboro Arkansas

  7. moni says:

    i don’t see them in my kitchen i see them in my bathroom with I’m shocked cause i know what they eat since i was a little girl but i can’t for the life of me figure out why they are in my bathroom and i don’t keep or eat food in my restroom so please help????

  8. Stefanie sands says:

    This came in so handy. I had deer feed in the garage and went to open a plastic bin, and there were tons of them. How did they or do they get into a sealed container? How do they originate? I still see some crawling around. Do they bite? They are kind of hard to kill. They are tiny suckers.

    Thank you

  9. JGib says:

    Weavil infested corn cannot be sold as human food…so the farmers tend to grind it up and sell it to birdseed companies at very low cost. While the bugs usually get shook out or killed during grinding and processing, the eggs do not. So after the bag sits idle for a few months, those left over eggs hatch…produce a few bugs…those mate…late more eggs…and so on until after a few months you’ve got a giant bag full of bugs…then they start squirming out of the bags through small holes and going elsewhere. I had a severe run-in with them and discovered they were in my Redbird brand bird seed bags from Walmart I bought last year on sale. I bought four bags and had stored them in a back room. By the time I read this article and identified the bug…and then opened the bags, it was not pretty. Thousands of the little boogers between four 40lb bags. It was creepy and gross. I’m from Arkansas, by the way, so not just a Texas bug.

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