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found this bee?
I am not sure what type or even if this is a bee, but was is a very pretty one, I have noticed them more and more lately, is it a coincidence that these bees(?) started showing up around my yard after for the most part all regular honey bees have pretty much stopped? I have lots of them around, my daughter loves looking at them, also I would like to know if I should be worried about her trying to catch one? Do they sting/bite

Hi Sabrina,
This is a Metallic Green Sweat Bee in the family Halictidae. They will sting, but it is very mild. We don’t know what to say about their recent appearance except perhaps you never noticed them before. We have gotten one request recently regarding why these green bees are attracted to purple flowers and your image is just one more example of this common occurrance. Eric Eaton provided this information: “The metallic green sweat bee is a male in the genus Agapostemon. They are common and widespread semi-social bees. Eric”

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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3 Responses to Metallic Green Sweat Bee

  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you so much for the info. I have recently found these bees in my yard. We bought this house 3 years ago and have never seen them before. We recently planted 4 o’clocks that are pink and these bees seem to like them. But bees are all metallic green, and never seeing them before we wanted to make sure that they weren’t poisenes. But after reading this we feel better. I also stepped on a bee the other day and since it didn’t leave a stinger and it didn’t swell much (but still hurt!), it must have been this. Thanks again

  2. Gabriella says:

    I found this bug in my yard and i want to know if they sting or not

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