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multi-colored centipede?
Below is a centipede found yesterday in my livingroom in upstate South Carolina. (Our home is surrounded by woods, if that helps ID.) It is about 2.5 inches long and speedy. Sorry about the lighting changes in the photos. He was moving so fast, I had a hard time just getting a picture in which his/her legs weren’t blurred. After browsing through your awesome site, I’m guessing it is some sort of multi-colored centipede. Would you agree? I’m unsure and emailing primarily because I keep reading elsewhere that they live in the western U.S. I have two very enthusiastic little nature "collectors" (photos only) that I don’t care to see bitten. Thanks,
Robbin Dawson

I’m too impatient. I just found him on bugguide.net. He’s a Florida Blue Centipede (Hemiscolopendra Marginata). Thanks anyway. Your site is invaluable to our bug ID efforts.
Robbin Dawson

Hi Robbin,
We are happy you have correctly identified your Florida Blue Centipede, Hemiscolopendra marginata. We do not stay tethered to the computer, and only post new letters once a day.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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